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Sleep Tourism


No longer can we simply tell our friends to go home early from work if they need some peaceful sleep. Nowadays, the latest advice is to jet off on a dreamy getaway to catch up on those Zs. It's official: sleep tourism has arrived, and it's here to stay.

What is sleep tourism?

Sleep tourism is a new trend that has emerged in the wellness industry. It involves traveling to a destination with the sole purpose of getting a good night's sleep. This may seem like an odd idea, but with the rise in sleep disorders and the increasing awareness of the importance of sleep, it is becoming a popular option for those looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

What do sleep tourism destinations offer?

Anything and everything to improve sleep quality and experience which includes:


 How does good sleep at such places help?

The benefits of a good night's sleep are numerous. It can improve mood, memory, and cognitive function. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, can lead to a range of negative health consequences. These include fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Lack of sleep also can lead serious health issues, such as, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and more.




Which hotels offer sleep tourism?

Be it the 110-minute total body experience of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy, or ITC India’s sleep TV channel with music designed to help you doze off, there are numerous resorts, all over the world, which offer something or the other, specially designed for their guests to get the most restful sleep during their stay. Here are some famous ones : - New York, Portugal, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Oman, India


To conclude:

Sleep tourism offers a unique opportunity for individuals to prioritize their sleep and take steps towards improving their overall health and wellbeing. It allows people to escape their daily routine and immerse themselves in a peaceful and relaxing environment that promotes good sleep. Moreover, it offers a chance to disconnect from technology and other distractions that can interfere with sleep.

However, it is important to note that sleep tourism is not a substitute for addressing lack of sleep at home, all the time. You need to give your bedroom a makeover for better sleep. And, we are here to
help you with that too.



Currently we are proving Memory Foam and Luxury Super Soft Foam with Latex Feel.
Memory foam, also called visco-elastic polyurethane foam, gets its name from its ability to remember its original form and slowly return to it after being compressed. Memory foam is sensitive to temperature and pressure, thus easily moulds to the shape of an individual’s body.

If you are looking for a lighter feel, more bounce and a faster response time, then super soft foam with latex feel should be your choice. With infusion of cooling gel it has less heat retention and a better cooling, giving you the comfort of natural latex. Memory foam slowly contours to your body trying to mould to a very exact shape whereas super soft foam with latex feel allows sinkage and compression resulting in more of a generalised compression around the body.

All the products are made fresh on order, hence you may find an odor in the pillow, leave it to airdry for 4-5 hours and the smell will dissipate.

Please use spot clean only for the pillow. For the covers you can handwash or dry clean in case of leather covers. Please do not wash the foam pad.

Along with the promise of a good night’s sleep, we also promise to respect your decision without asking any questions. You have complete power and liberty to return our memory foam pillow within 120 nights if it does not match your level of comfort or live up to your expectations. Visit 120 nights to know more.

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Safety & Care

If you choose the right pillow it can help you get relief from back and cervical pain, but it is not a medicine for cervical. To help select the right pillow, you can get in touch with our sleep specialists, they will be happy to assist you. Write to us at
Our pillows are soft, comfortable and made with 100% chemical-free memory foam. They adjust to your neck, align to your spine and work on pressure points. The result? An uninterrupted sleep you deserve after a hard day’s work. All individuals have different sleep patterns and needs which is why we have a pillow for each one of you.
We offer a vast variety of pillows for bed, travel, work from home, pregnancy, kids, etc. You can check them all out here.
Please use spot clean only for the pillow. For the covers you can handwash or dry clean in case of leather covers. Do not wash the foam pad.

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