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Our Story


You think well.
You eat well.
Now sleep well.

We are passionate about good sleep. Are you? In our fast-paced lifestyle, poor sleep has taken over our lives. We hit the gym early morning, we eat healthy through the day and then we lay our heads on a pillow that’s not meant to put us to good sleep.

Cushows from Ergo Comforts is here to change that. Our pillows are soft, comfortable and made with 100% chemical-free memory foam. They adjust to your neck, align to your spine and work on pressure points. The result? An uninterrupted sleep you deserve after a hard day’s work. All individuals have different sleep patterns and needs. We have a pillow for each one of you. We customise them as per your requirements and preferences. So the pillow you get is as unique as you are.

Good sleep is the exercise that our bodies need to stay active and energetic all day. Sleeping well is equal to staying fit. Understanding that, we have designed pillows that work as fitness equipment and take care of your sleep health.

Knowing that you sleep well, we sleep well.

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