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Cushows 3-in-1 Headrest Cushion for Head, Neck & Shoulder Support in Car

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Driving or travelling for long hours can be painful for the back. Not just that, the spine can get damaged due to a number of other reasons such as the impact of vehicle acceleration and deceleration or jerky movements due to bad roads.

Cushows 3-in-1 Headrest Cushion with its ergonomic design gives the right support to your head, neck and shoulders, thus protecting your spine from damage.

Its concave middle shape firmly supports the S-shaped curve of your head, neck and shoulders, providing excellent cushioning and preventing whiplash injuries. From cars to ships, this portable pillow is suitable for travelling in any means of transportation. The cushion is also made of high-density memory foam and comes with a breathable anti-sweat mesh cover making it all the more comfortable.

Features : 

3-in-1: The cushion has a concave centre that provides excellent cushioning and support for the head, neck and shoulders.

Pain Relief: The cushion reduces the impact of car movements on your neck, gives relief from neck and spine pain and prevents whiplash injuries.

High-density Memory Foam: The cushion is made of high-density memory foam which moulds to the head and neck, giving comfort. 

Breathable and Washable Cover: The cushion comes with a breathable anti-sweat cover that can be removed to wash. 

Portable and Has a Strap: It is easy to carry in whichever mode of transport you travel in and fits perfectly on all types of car seats with its adjustable strap.


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Cushows 3-in-1 Headrest Cushion for Head, Neck & Shoulder Support in Car
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